Project Description

Combined kitchen + bedroom + toilet/shower room + loft + terrace
Living area: 25,3 m², loft: 12 m², terrace: 13 m², total floor space: 50,3 m²
Equipment: electric heating, air heat pump, fridge, coffeemaker, kettle, microwave, hotplate, furniture, TV.
Beds: 4 (plus a sofa bed in living room)
Building rights: 150 m², of which approx. 100 m² remain unused.
Year built: 2012
Plot/area 1390 m²

Other: A cozy little pastry-like cottage. Efficient use of space. Situated on a hill overlooking the golf course greens and lake. There is room on the plot for a new main building, leaving the building for your grandparents or guests.

Tentatively reserved