Updated January 5th 2022.

Kerimaa Holiday Village (later Kerimaa) rents holiday homes and offers services for adult customers, private individuals, companies and organisations. Kerimaa’s reservation and cancellation policy is as follows. Terms apply as soon as the customer either receives a booking confirmation, accepts an offer or pays the retainer. Reservation and cancellation policy applies to both the customer and Kerimaa Holiday Village. Terms are valid indefinitely.


Customers need to be over legal age of 18 to book a holiday home or any other services. Booking can be placed via Kerimaa’s web store, by calling to +358 15 555 0200 or by email Kerimaa’s online store is operated by Sportum Oy. 

Bookings made by phone or email are invoiced in advance or payment is upon arrival. Issuing an invoice after accommodation or other services is only on agreement. By booking from Kerimaa’s own platforms, a customer is able to choose the accommodation he/she wants, Kerimaa has no right to change it without customers consent. This does not apply when booking from other platforms or travel agencies. 

Payment at online store can be placed via Paytrail options: online bank services, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Other options are MobilePay, Walley, Jousto Lasku ja Osamaksu and PayPal. An invoice and payment upon arrival are also available. Invoice must be paid before it’s due date, otherwise Kerimaa has a right to cancel the reservation. Any remarks of an invoice must be made within 7 days of receiving an invoice.

Price includes all the services and products that are stated on product description. Prices may vary according to season. Extra services are rated separately. The extra service bookings are binding. Bookings are confirmed when the payment is fully paid.

Receipt of the payment must be kept for guarantee and defect liability. If the reservation is unsuccessful the client must immediately contact the customer service of Kerimaa that the case can be corrected. In this case the seller does not guarantee that the venue is still available.


Cancellation is valid from the moment it reaches customer service of Kerimaa. Cancellation more than 3 days before arrival is free of charge, Kerimaa will charge one night if the reservation is cancelled any later. Reservations that are not cancelled will be charged in full amount. 

Cancellation before arrival due to sudden illness, accident or death that has happened to the customer or his/her close relative is a reason for the customer to get full refund of the payment. Cancellation needs to be informed immediately to the customer service of Kerimaa. The customer should have a medical certificate to present if required. If such force majeure occurs during accommodation Kerimaa will not refund any payments. If a customer wishes to change holiday home to another or otherwise rearrange their booking, it is considered as a cancellation and a new booking.


In case of force majeure the customer service of Kerimaa has a right to cancel the reservation. If this happens the customer has a right to get the full advance payment back. If the reservation is cancelled due to force majeure, possible expenses that the client might face will not be compensated by Kerimaa.

Unpaid invoice is a reason enough for Kerimaa to cancel a reservation without informing the customer.

In case of disruptive behaviour Kerimaa has a right to immediately cease to provide the customer with the accommodation services. The customer is not allowed to have any refunds due to this behaviour.


Holiday homes are available for booking also at other platforms and travel agencies. These platforms are for example, and Expedia. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine whether the platform has authority to make reservations at Kerimaa.

Kerimaa can not cancel any reservations that are made from these platforms. Cancellations must be done from the same platform than the original reservation was made. Customers can not choose a specific holiday home from these platforms, their holiday home will be a random house from the same price range. Kerimaa has a right to change holiday homes to another within the same price range without informing the customer.


Kerimaa arranges private occasions for groups at the restaurant, terraces, saunas and holiday homes. These occasions must apply to the Alcohol Act and Kerimaa’s licensed premises. 

Tentative turnout is agreed before the occasion, and it must be confirmed before the date of quotation expires. Kerimaa charges by actual turnout, minimum -10 % of confirmed turnout. More specific cancellation policy details are in the quotation of occasion.


Kerimaa has well water for now. Due to high iron content in the well water it is not recommended for drinking or cooking. Water does not present any health risks, customers are able to shower and do dishes or laundry with it. Due to high iron content there might be some metallic taste in the water and iron minerals in water may turn to rust and stain plumbing fixtures. If water seems rusty, running a fair amount of cold water clears the water. Kerimaa provides spring water for customers and it is available at reception during opening hours, Rates are adjusted to accommodate this water issue.


The price of the holiday venue (cottage or balcony access room) includes license to use the venue and the services stated in the product description.

Cottage or balcony access room is in the client’s possession from 14.00 on the day of arrival till 12.00 on the day of departure. It is stated how many people are allowed in the cottage or balcony access room in the description of the cottage or a room. It is forbidden to bring more people into them. 

Customers can either bring their own bed linen to the cottage or rent bed linen from Kerimaa as an additional extra service. Using beds in cottages without bed linen is strictly prohibited. Bed linen is included to the rate of a balcony access room. 

It is possible to get an extra bed for an extra fee or a baby crib free of charge to most of the cottages and balcony access rooms. Booking in advance is required. 

Use of a tent or caravan in the area of Kerimaa Holiday Village is forbidden without permission from Kerimaa.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the cottages and balcony access rooms of Kerimaa, as well in any other interior.

It is possible to bring a pet to all the cottages and some of the balcony access rooms. However Kerimaa will charge a pet fee and it is required to inform about the pets in advance. 

The customer is obliged to compensate all the damage he/she is responsible for to the holiday home or its furniture. Compensation is directed to the owner of the holiday home.

Customers can either clean the cottage themselves or order the final cleaning from Kerimaa. There will be an extra cost. When customers are cleaning themselves they need to make sure that the dishes are done, garbage taken out to bins, all the surfaces either swiped or vacuumed, all furniture at its place and the bathroom is cleaned. Cottage needs to be in the same condition as it was when the customer received it. At balcony access rooms final cleaning is included to the room rate. 

Holiday home fireplace and barbecue are maintained by Kerimaa staff. If something is broken or is not functioning, the customer is obligated to inform Kerimaa immediately. All the kitchens in Kerimaa are equipped with basic kitchen ware and dishes. Customers are obligated to pay any extra cost of cleaning, if they have been smoking indoors, haven’t done the final cleaning or the final cleaning is unfinished and the staff of Kerimaa is required to finalize it before the new customer is arriving. 

Cleaning of the private cottages is agreed while booking a cottage. You can order the final cleaning from Kerimaa with an extra fee. If the cleaning is not ordered from Kerimaa or the cleaning is not done, Kerimaa or the owner of the cottage has a right to collect the cleaning fee. The right to charge an extra cleaning fee applies in such cases when any cottage or apartment is damaged or messed more than normal use should cause.


Kerimaa is not liable for damages that are not caused by Kerimaa or which Kerimaa can not reasonably prevent. These are natural phenomenons and damages caused to the customer due to unforeseeable force majeure or a similar reason, such as power cuts, insects, animals etc.


Kerimaa has a right to raise prices as well as duty to lower them after reservation is made, if there are any changes to taxes or other public payments that affect rental prices of holiday homes. 


Incorrect price information does not bind Kerimaa, if the error is big enough that customer should understand it. For example if the gap between informed price and the actual price is clearly too big so the customer should understand it or if the price is clearly too low considering the general price level.


Customers are accepting Kerimaa’s reservation and cancellation policy by makíng a reservation. Customer details are saved at Kerimaa’s reservation software and the customer is also agreeing to it by making a reservation.


All comments regarding the cottages and apartments must be presented immediately to the customer service of Kerimaa. If the cause of the complaint can not be fixed immediately all the following complaints must be presented within 30 days in writing. Kerimaa’s liability to the customer is at highest the price of the reservation. Kerimaa does not take any liability over any possible noise complaints caused by outsiders. If the customer and Kerimaa do not reach an agreement, the customer can seek guidance from Consumer Advisory Service. 

If the customer does not inform all the defects he/she notices during their stay, the holiday home is considered to be in agreed condition. Defects informed later on can not be confirmed together, and Kerimaa does not have any liability. 

If a customer interrupts their reservation and leaves the holiday home earlier than agreed, he/she is not entitled for compensation.